The Mission

The people at Greenstorc believe everyone should have access to clean, affordable electricity. Greenstorc’s technology works as effectively for those in remote areas and developing countries as it does for industry, cities and suburban communities. The Greenstorc motto is built on collaboration: Together, we can make the world a better, brighter and safer place to be.

Pledge. Support. Reward.

To support development of this critically assessed, clean-energy enterprise, our community can pledge resources, and also benefit from KPI-linked rewards.

In return for supporting the Greenstorc project, participants will receive "premium tokens" that are issued by the chain authority on the DasCoin Blockchain. This new type of token represents a smart contract that distributes a premium based on the achievement of a Key Performance Indictator (KPI) - in Greenstorc’s case, the KPI is a megawatt of power production.

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Making a Positive Change

The team at Greenstorc is excited about this opportunity to realize their vision of clean energy production with the help of the Das33 platform.

“Only four out of 38 clean energy technologies are currently on track to meet long-term climate, access and pollution targets worldwide, according to International Energy Agency figures. Enter Greenstorc! Set to create clean energy from any heat source, anywhere in the world. Together, we can make great things happen.”

Paul Flynn, CEO, Greenstorc