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What is Greenstorc?

Greenstorc’s disruptive technology is a viable alternative to dirty fossil fuels, variable wind and solar, and costly traditional geothermal energy.

It generates round-the-clock electricity at affordable prices pretty much anywhere in the world – no batteries required.

The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but our earth keeps its temperature 24/7 - and Greenstorc is harnessing that power.

How is Greenstorc Being Crowdsourced?

Greenstorc has chosen to use Das33 as its crowdsourcing platform. Das33 is a platform that uses blockchain technology to tokenize smart contracts. It offers early-stage companies like Greenstorc the ability to access resources they need to grow.

The platform introduces a unique digital token format to link business goals with token premiums.

This means that token holders are rewarded each time Greenstorc hits business targets.

What Business Targets Trigger Premiums?

A bonus premium, with a value of €0.01 in DasCoin deposited towards each STORC token for each new megawatt of generation capacity Greenstorc deploys.

If Greenstorc installs any energy generation capacity during a quarter, then STORC token holders are also rewarded a one-off premium of €0.01 in DasCoin.


The Road Ahead

Q4 2018

Set-up Phase

Installation of the first Megawatt in Sonsbeck, Germany.
Manufacturing Capacity:
2MW Per Month


Q1 2019

Global Expansion Phase

Target manufacturing capacity:
4MW Per Month
Start of comercial activites in East Africa, North Africa, India, Indonesia, Oceania


Q2 2019 to Q1 2020

Capacity Expansion Phase

Diversification into further heat-to-power solutions. (Biomass, Biogas, etc.)


Q1 2020

Opening of Regional Manufacturing Sites

Manufacturing capacity expected to double every six months onwards.

Funding Rounds Funding Rounds

How Do I Participate?

Opening a DasWallet gives you simple and secure access to blockchain projects on the Das33 platform. This is to safeguard participants in the crowdsourcing process.

I Already Have DasWallet

All you need to do is sign into your account to participate.

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Just follow 3 simple Steps:

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